_Web Page Design
  With the E-Business Web Site Design Package, you can describe in detail the products and/or services you offer. This Twelve Page Web Site Design Package also includes an extra form page to gather additional information and an About Us page to introduce your company to visitors.

• Twelve Page Web Site

• Web Site Layout:
This is where the overall look of the Web site is determined. In this phase we determine the colors, theme, layout and navigational structure.  Images, logos and other materials are formatted for use on your Web site.

* A Custom Designed Home Page:
  To insure your Web site is Unique to your Business and the products and services you offer.

* About Us Page:
To introduce your company. When a customer visits a brick and mortar store he may ask questions to "get to know" who he is doing business with. This page provides the platform you will use to present your company to your Internet Audience.

* 2 Feedback & Contact info pages:
These pages can be used to gather info from visitors to your Web site. Results can be sent to your email address.

* Eight pages:
For products, services or information. These pages are typically used for maps, company contact info, special announcements, product or service descriptions etc.

* Meta Tags:
We insert meta tags on the Home page to insure your site will be indexed properly by the major search engines.

* Graphics Optimization:
Images on your Web site are optimized for use on the Web, to provide the best balance between quality and load time.

* Links:
Internal/ External/ Navigation Bars/ Email* Text Formatting: Heading tags, use of bold lettering and font colors are carefully selected and applied using standard fonts. Choosing a font such as Arial, Verdana or Times New Roman, will make your text easier to read, as well as insure that it will appear correctly in all Browsers.

* One Free Proof:
After you view your published Web site you may request minor changes be made. Additional maintenance is available at any time, for a fee.

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